Your Partner in Biomass Supply Chains

Our group promotes the world-wide development of long-term and sustainable bio-energy supply. We create, design and implement ideas and offer reliable and economically feasible solutions regarding all aspects of biomass-based energy. 

Our team has extensive experience in developing biomass supply chains, having played an integral role in the sector''s development here in Scandinavia over the past three decades. We can provide a complete and flexible logistics solution, whether that be from the biomass source to a conversion facility, from conversion to end-consumption, or the entire chain.

Our team has the specific expertise to help overcome a wide range of challenging supply chains. 


Forest harvesting and logistics

With over 25 years experience in the forest sector, we have an intimate understanding of all forestry operations, including harvesting, processing, handling and transport. We understand that every biomass source has unique qualities which may require different approaches - including equipment and operations - to adhere to sustainability goals and economic considerations. We also understand that any approach has to consider impacts further down the supply chain, so we always use a systems-perspective when designing a supply flow. Our hands-on approach coupled with fundamental forestry economics makes for a strong combination for project developers who wish to derive the full value of any biomass source.


Biomass processing

Understanding the characteristics of the biomass to be processed is fundamental to an end-user, a conversion facility, or a densification or pelletizing operation. For example, the use of residuals from forestry operations, such as tops, limbs, or low-grade logs will require a significantly different configuration in a pellet plant than would residuals from a sawmill. This means the process will require a different set of size reduction equipment, different drying techniques and technology, and added flexibility to handle variations in the in-feed quality. Note, however, that any design of a processing facility should be coupled with expertise in your forestry operations. Whether your organization owns the source, or are contracting out to logging operators, the handling of the biomass will have a direct impact on the operating needs of the processing facility. Requirements for drying, the wear on primary hammermills, the wear on densification dies, are all impacted by the techniques used at the biomass source.


Biomass handling and transport

Whether delivering pellets, briquettes, or even chips from recycled wood, hands-on experience in handling and transport will go a long way to ensuring an optimized supply chain. Our team has extensive experience with the efficient delivery of biomass to small heating centers and coal-fired power plants. For example, having delivered projects converting the front-end of coal-fed power plants to handle an in-feed of woody biomass, we can tailor any logistics chain to suit the specific needs of the end-customer. We also own and operate a shipping harbour where we handle these materials continuously and transport them our customers, so we apply our knowledge to generate concrete results in our own operations.

First Bioenergy''s expertise can contribute in three distinct areas within this field:

  • Supply chain development projects
  • Technical & strategic consulting services
  • European biomass marketing