About our group


First Bioenergy and Stockholm Bulk Harbour are privately-held sister companies under the umbrella of the Svea Lejon group. This group is privately-held by its founder Henrik Lundberg, who has worked with systems development and analysis as well as engineering, combustion, gasification and business development in the field of bioenergy since the mid-seventies. As examples of his early commitment to the future potential of biofuels, Lundberg initiated one of the first wood pellet plants in Sweden in 1981, and was a founding member of Sweden''s bioenergy association SVEBIO.


Lundberg was the original founder of Sweden-based TallOil AB, which was one of Europe''s leading bioenergy companies during the first half of the decade. TallOil, which was re-named Svea Lejon in 2008, had built up a sales base of some €100 million during its peak in 2006, driven mainly through its activities in engineering technology, distribution and trade of liquid biofuels such as ethanol and talloil, as well as wood and agro-based fuels such as pellets and chips, including its Stockholm Bulk Harbour operations in Stora Vika.

The company has since reorganized and disposed of some of these businesses to focus its efforts on its holdings within the solid biomass sector, where it sees strong potential growth for the coming decades. 


The group is managed by a strong and well-experienced team of professionals whose contribution to the bioenergy sector dates back to the 1970''s.


ForestOur expertise within the forestry sector ranges from operations planning and equipment technology, to forestry economics, strategy and policy advisory. Our staff have the hands-on understanding when it comes to organizing forestry operations and logistics, particularly as it pertains to bioenergy systems. We understand the technologies, equipment, and logging techniques necessary to ensure a financially-sound flow to the end-user. On the strategy side, our work with both international organizations - such as the IEA and World Bank - as well as regional ones, such as SVEBIO and AEBIOM, provides us with a thorough understanding of the high-level issues which are shaping the industry''s future.   


On the bioenergy side, our experts bring years of experience in biomass fuels supply chains, wood pellet manufacturing, combustion technology, and logistics. We have built and operated a handful of pellet manufacturing facilities in Sweden and Eastern Europe. We''ve designed and implemented the necessary supply chain logistics to ensure a seamless flow of material both upstream to the plant, and downstream to customers in Scandinavia, the UK, Netherlands and Belgium. Our team also have a track record in the UK when it comes to converting front-end systems for coal-fired power plants to receive and burn biomass. With this experience, we have an intimate understanding for how biomass fuels are processed and consumed.